some Ascendant info and music for the extremely curious




Lead vocalists, in order of appearance:

Matt Crutchlow

Chris Killerby

The Pearsall Consort

Bryony Lang

Paul Cozens

Ellen Jakubiel

Mark Northfield

Jon Payne

Jamie McCarthy

Alexandra Howlett



The Bosendorfer piano was played by Mark one rainy summer's day in the Grand Hall at Dulwich College, South London. Strings were played by Gillon Cameron, John Metcalfe, Ian Burdge and Jan Kiernan in the months following. The sax solo on Resistance was recorded by Nigel Hitchcock on the Isle Of Skye with bovine interruptions.


Andrew Holdsworth played guitars and drums on Decidedly Dumb and Zero; he also engineered the album in typically enthusiastic fashion. Eva Holdsworth played imaginary mandolin.

The song 'Weight' contains a lyrical excerpt from the book 'Hotel World' by Ali Smith. Used with the author's permission.

The front and rear artwork is taken from paintings by Tamara Dubnycnyj, a graduate from the RCA, London. More of her work can be seen at her homepage: